CoöperatePittsburgh’s mission is to help people in the Pittsburgh area get their needs met by groups that prioritize non-hierarchical decision making and community participation; creating networks of self-reliance and independence from institutions that put profit before people and the planet.

CoöperatePittsburgh grew out of IYCPOC (International Year of the Cooperative—Pittsburgh Organizing Committee), a group which came together in 2011 with a mission to educate, advocate, and celebrate the cooperative model. One of our projects was the creation of a local directory. We have since broadened our scope to include collectives and other organizations whose primary focus is resource sharing or collaboration.

Our hope is that this list will help you connect with the cooperative groups that already exist and encourage you to start organizing more coops and collectives yourself to fill the voids in our community. If you’re not already participating in one, give it a try. And if you are participating in one, don’t forget to make your voice heard. Let’s work together to make Pittsburgh a more just and joyful place to live and work!