New Economy Campaign

The mission of the New Economy Campaign is to identify, support and collaborate with local projects and groups to develop a sustainable, cooperative and democratic economic system: one where economic success creates shared value for fair and equitable benefits; one that uses social, financial, and environmental resources efficiently; and where business activity replenishes our environment.

New economy projects, businesses, and community benefits will be featured, from around Pittsburgh and elsewhere. Most importantly, attendees will draft a plan of action that builds the new economy in line with their own missions. It’s about coordinating activity, not adding more to everyone’s responsibilities.

The New Economy Campaign is a project of the Thomas Merton Center. TMC strives to be a coalition-building organization that follows the principles of Thomas Merton and other great architects of non-violent resistance. We encourage people to learn, grow, and work in the pursuit of social justice and peace to ensure the dignity of all human beings. We strive to achieve this vision in a supportive, nurturing, and non-hierarchical manner.